Self Defense & Life Preservation

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Self Defense at Langley Events Centre (Willoughby Community Centre)

Learn to defend yourself! Created around the needs of women, but open to all participants, this course provides absorbable and functional self defence techniques for those with little or no previous experience. Participants will learn measured, appropriate use of force and energy output in a safe and gentle manner.

16 years and older , Willoughby Community Centre , Langley, B.C.

Monday 7:15-8:15pm , 6 Class - Course

Where this course came from and why it is so amazing!

The Self Defence Course is a version of a Module 1 course that was developed by Jamen Zacharias ( and conforms to extremely high standards of teaching and training to achieve functional skills. All modules are designed to be delivered in a meaningful and applicable manner, in harmony with law and good conscience. 

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Instructor Locations 

Home Base - Private Studio                                                                                604.616.2977

Langley Events Centre, B.C. Canada
Willoughby Community Centre, 7888 - 200 Street                                           604.455.8821

Personal Protection Module 1

  • developed around the needs of woman, yet is an excellent course for men, youth, families and professionals.
  • not about fighting or competing for the ego, but true justified self defense.
  • often results in raised self esteem, self confidence and functional skills for personal protection.
  • can be introduced within a minimum period of 6 hrs, usually over 2 or 3 days and is encouraged for periodic refresher training throughout the year.
  • A certificate is granted upon completion of the course module once all course modules are offered.
  • provide vital internal and external training keys that assist in avoiding common pitfalls in the use of force, such as excessive force, over-reaction and the escalation of risk and violence.
  • fun and easy to learn


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